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I still wonder what it feel to be the center of someone else universe.
To have someone, somewhere, who cannot wait to see you.
Who whine because you can't get online.
To feel like you are his/her light.


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You know, I believed you. I believed each of your words. I'm sorry for being naive. So naive.
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Since you know I'm not doing the NaNoWrimo so I'm not cool enough. … Just kidding, I'm just a lazyass. 8D

And damn. Hetalia's fandom. I wanna read some fluff. Sticky fluff with America AND Canada. Ooooh. Fandom, why are you letting me down ?! Wrrryyyy.

Someone. Give me some fluff to read. Naow. D:

And yes, as you can tell I'm pretty bored right now. I'll go to sleep I think. … Nah. Too early. Of course it seem I can't draw at all today, nothing's working the way I want. D:

SO. I wanna read some fluffyfluff with America and Canada. D:
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You hate me, don't you, life ? You like to hit me up, eh ? Oh. I can feel it. Clearly. It's just... You konw. Leave me alone. And I don't really need that feeling of being pretty useless.

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Sometime, I hate to be an human being.
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'm not dead yet. Just everything come crazy at home. *sigh* I try to find a job, but damn, that's pretty hard. And they said there many jobs everywhere here. I call bullshit. -_-'

Anyway. I hope everyone's okay. Better than me at least. XD;


Mar. 30th, 2010 04:07 pm
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You know you have some kind of a problem when a friend of your ask you "so. What's your plan for your future ?" and the only answer you can give is something like "... gneh?!". The lack of ambition, that shit gonna kill me. I'm young, think I have some talent. I'm sitting right in front of my life and... I just don't fuckin' know what I want to do. I love art, I love drawing, coloring, I love to write stories, worlds, characters... I need to creat to feel alive but... It's like I don't know what I can do with those "skills". I've try to find a job in the gaming world, but no news. They don't want me for now I guess.

It's like I'm in front of a BIG white board, with paint, but I just don't know what I can do. I stay here, looking to this damn board and doing nothing more. I need a job, but it's seem I can't find one where am I right know. I need to leave and go to the "big" city", like Quebec or Montreal. Do I have enough courage ? No. But I need to. Very soon. Lack of money to paid the monthly bills(thanks school), so I need to work soon. I want my own place. You know, a place I can call home, not my "parents' home".

Aah. I hate being an adult. ¦D

Ah. I wish do be less afraid of everything. Afraid of living. Everything will be more easy, don't you think ? Arf.
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Is it really worth the troubles?
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Let's have a post.

Here am I. Looking to my future and seeing nothing. I just don't know what I'll do with my life, my existence. I'm getting a little bit old everyday, more and more stressed, sad... and everything. I just. Can't find a way to live. You know? A goal.
I know how to color and draw... I can listen. But. Seriously, I don't have anyother skill or talent. what can I do with my life ? I need to find quickly, because I won't hold for a very long time like this.

I hate being an adult.

On another hand, I'm getting a little more used here. I'm not sure what this journal will be, but I find this place quite nice. It's relax, calm, zen. It's like... I can breath here ! It's very nice.

So yeah. Have a nice day. ^w^


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