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I still wonder what it feel to be the center of someone else universe.
To have someone, somewhere, who cannot wait to see you.
Who whine because you can't get online.
To feel like you are his/her light.


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You know, I believed you. I believed each of your words. I'm sorry for being naive. So naive.
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Dear Mom,

I just want to remind you that, NO, à I didn't know you want smashed potatos for supper.
I also want to remind you that I CAN'T read MIND. No I don't have that pretty useful skill. So if you don't tell what you want I CAN'T know.
Also can you stop bawl me out because I could not do what you wanted?


Your daughter who tries to do well but seems to fail.
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Everyone who know me, even a little, will know my love for the roleplaying. I'm always ready, even if sometime it took me a while to answer([personal profile] twilight_flower Je vais répondre bientôt, juste que je sais pas trop comment faire mon poste avec Taliba.). I love to play on forum, on journal like insanejournal, on msn, mIRC... Any occasion is good for a little rp.

But I'm sadden to see almost all my rp mates disapear. They have no time or energy or... you know, the desire to play. The forums where I used to be are dead or dying for a various reasons. Right now, I "only" have three places to play. A game with [personal profile] twilight_flower(thanks dear ;o; ) a Hetalia forum(this one is almost dead. *sadface* I don't wanna lose Canada ;; He's so fun to play. ;; ) and a new one, Thomas Douglas Home's College where I'm using a old character. Yes. I have msn, but like I said, I'm losing my play mates. There just one friend who still play with me, but sometime we feel like... I'm not sure how to said it, but it's like our game is stuck. :/ Sometime having more players can give us idea, fluel to use... But.

Sometime, I can got some play with two other friends, but I meet them like... every blue moon or they are too busy with school and homework, so they really can't play. And I can't ask them to forget thier homework ! School is sooo much important than RP. XD;;

But. I just miss playing. I miss speaking about those rp. Having idea for them, drawing for them. Trying to figure how we can improve them, or how save my character's ass in one or another situation.

Sometime, I telling to myself to try a game in english. Maybe I can find nice place and nice mate to play. But... I don't trust my english enough to play a game. … Even if I speak with people on Perfect World and no one speak french. And they don't know that english is not my native language before I told them. I like to think that my english writing is not that bad just not enough for any roleplay. :/ Maybe is just because I don't have enough selfconfidence. B-but...

As you can see this rant is pretty random and out of nowhere. XD;; But it's been a little while since I'm thinking about it. Since I'm pretty sick right now and I don't have any energy to do anything else than writing, I've decide to write it.
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You know, Humanity. Sometime, you suck.


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