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Name:Souviens-toi que tu es mortel
I'm a person who is not very sure what this place will be used for. We'll see in the future. I'm also a girl who can't find her way in her life. I think, I've lost my dreams and that a pretty sad thing.

I'm an artist. I'm a color lover. Music junky. I wish to remake the world. But I also wish to have a little nice coffee with whipped cream on top of it. I wish to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I want a horse, more cats, a hug, an apartment, see my friends more often and a car. I love burlesque. Gothic style. I hate spider and bee. I hate going to bed, but I hate getting up in the morning. I'm a living contradiction. I'm lost. I'm a roleplayer. I haven't try myself at roleplaying in english but I need to do soon.

For your information, english is not my native language. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made and will made in the future. My first tongue is french. I wish to improve my english, learn german and russian, because I like to hear them. ... I'm a unique special snowflake.


Oh. Yes. On livejournal I'm called [ profile] paymon. But I post mostly in french because I'm a lazyass.

Where you can find me : [ profile] Oragie - [ profile] Oragie - [ profile] Oragie - [ profile] Oragie - Oragie@Rprepository -

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